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Offshore software development centers (ODC) are set up to specially cater to a client's software development needs and are often treated as an extension of client's own IT department / software development group.

Offshore Development Model:

Reliasys Offshore Development Center (ODC) essentially provides cost-effectiveness to its clients around the globe. Reliasys approach is to have a pool of specialized multi-disciplinary resource available to its clients on a dedicated or as-needed basis. Reliasys organizes and manages the team, supervises the project life cycle and constantly trains and keeps the Team updated with the latest development concepts and technologies. Reliasys maintains the intellectual talent to meet the explicit business objectives and growing needs of its individual Clients. Reliasys ODC acts as a virtual extension for the Client.

Reliasys infrastructure and superior workforce ensure almost immediate realization of benefits for its Clients. Clients leverage the expertise, utilizing the infrastructure and experience of Reliasys to further strengthening their relationship with their clients and constantly expanding their capabilities and service offerings. This relationship allows Clients to focus on marketing and expanding customer database, projects and thus profits, whereas Reliasys focuses on its core competencies, providing superior and cost-effective solutions for its Clients. Both, the Client and Reliasys, essentially maximize profits for each other's operations.

Reliasys Value Proposition:

Drawing on the multi-dimensional expertise gathered over the last couple of years of software and web development and support experience, Reliasys can help clients take their projects faster from concept-to-market. With a well-honed methodology for development, Reliasys makes sure that Client projects hit the market faster than their competitors.

Cost Effectiveness: A major part of our projects are executed offshore (USA), using Reliasys methodology for virtual project management. This translates to time-to-market and cost advantages for our Clients.

Team Mobilization: Reliasys technology expertise is available throughout the lifecycle of the project, thereby greatly reducing time-to-market. As expertise requirements could vary significantly along a product life cycle, clients will benefit from our top-notch professionals across technologies and platforms to ensure that requisite capabilities are deployed when necessary.

Superior Infrastructure: State-of-the-art infrastructure and investments in latest technologies gives us the ability to provide solutions that satisfy our clients completely.

Virtual Resource Extension: Reliasys frees the partners from the pressures of setting up or expanding their in house facility. Reliasys resources are available on a need or dedicated basis at our ODC. A pool of specialized multi-disciplinary resources are organized and managed by Reliasys to meet with the explicit business objectives of our Clients.

Confidentiality: Reliasys maintains and respects the need for confidentiality. We provide the benefit of experience from our past projects without compromising on confidentiality. We consolidate "Best Practices" to provide our clients with superior solutions.

Status Report: Reliasys provides regular updates on their project status and maintains a constant communication with its Clients.

Reliasys Offshore Services:

Reliasys has the capabilities to provide Offshore Development facilities in the following main areas:

Application software development

  • When a client requires a number of applications developed over an extended period of time
  • For a client that has software development requirements for its clientele (say a consulting house)

Software Product development

  • Development of new products
  • Enhancement of existing products
  • New features addition
  • Addition of new functionalities
  • Porting to other environments (Cross Platform deployment)

Application / Product maintenance

  • Remote maintenance of large applications - necessitates specific systems infrastructure
    (mirroring the client's own)
    • Features
    • Functionality
    • Bug fixing
    • Enhancements
  • Database management / data mining
  • Product maintenance
  • Bug fixing
    • Features rectification
    • Version management

All new additions like features, functionalities, cross platform portability etc. are ideally covered under fresh development activity.

Remote Support Services

  • Technical application support
  • Technical product support
  • Implementation support (Remote and on-site when required)
  • Back office revenue processing

The above service / solution categorization has been arrived at as an indicator for the various opportunities that exist for a progressive client to outsource to an offshore ODC. There are a number of other areas that can be considered under the aegis of being implemented through a ODC.

At Reliasys we have a structured and well-tested methodology for setting up ODCs for our clients worldwide. Our development centers are in Fremont, California with current infrastructure and a team of qualified, experienced and skilled professionals.







































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