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JDEdwards is the leading supplier of e-business solutions that deliver speed and agility for companies throughout the world. JDEdwards offers a wide range of solutions designed to meet the full spectrum of your enterprise software needs

Enterprise One

Amid the bewildering number of enterprise software options, one solution stands out from the others: Enterprise One. Capable of running on multiple platforms and with multiple databases, Enterprise One revolutionizes enterprise software by liberating users from inflexible, static technologies and enables you to extend your enterprise beyond physical walls to collaborate with your customers, partners and suppliers.

Our ERP consultants have a broad base of experience and expertise spanning the Enterprise One product. We have developed a team of trained professionals for handling tools related or CNC related tasks for both Enterprise One as well as the prior versions.

Technical consultancy for Enterprise One and World

Reliasys has been providing technical expertise to a number of JDEdwards Enterprise One and World implementations. Being familiar with the complete JDEdwards Enterprise One and World development toolset, we have the capability to encapsulate the most complex business logic within JDE applications and reports. We have also developed a number of real time as well as batch interfaces between JDEdwards and other legacy applications. Our core competency also includes all CNC related work including installation, configuration, and performance tuning. With the release of Enterprise One, JDEdwards has included robust features for making the application available over the internet. We have the necessary know-how to transform JDEdwards Enterprise One from the traditional "fatclient" based system to a completely web-enabled system. We have covered all options in web-enabling Enterprise One including the HTML thin client and the Java servlets.

Enterprise One Production Support

Even the most successful implementations require ongoing support after the go-live date. Typically, there are a number of reporting requirements that emerge on a regular basis. Besides this, there are regular requirements for upgrades, updates, bug fixes and enhancements that require configurable network computing (CNC) expertise. We have the capabilities to provide on-site support to our clients in such scenarios.

Offshore Development Options

In all the above cases except JD Edwards's production support we have the capability of carrying out the core development work at our site and doing the implementation and the rollout at our client site. The objective is to provide express cost effective solutions to our clients. In case of JDEdwards, the Product packaging facility provides a smooth migration path from our location to the actual deployment location. In case of both webMethods and XPI, the import/export facilities provided are effective mechanisms of carrying out remote development and on-site rollouts.


JDEdwards XPI

Recently, JDEdwards has been taking giant strides in the arena of collaborative commerce. XPI is a strategic initiative in that direction. Reliasys has in depth expertise on XPI, which ranges from installation to complete implementations. In North America, we have been actively involved with JDEdwards in not only developing the tools, but also in putting together deployment and rollout strategies. We are very familiar with the methodologies used in these implementations and have used these in developing integration solutions between JDEdwards and Siebel. We, also have the capability of deploying and customizing the XBP (Extended business process) solutions provided by JDE.

Custom Interface/Integration solutions for Enterprise One

For customers desiring just interfacing or simple integrations between Enterprise One and their other systems at a low cost there exists a possibility of using custom integrations. Building such interfaces/integrations without use of sophisticated tools like XPI requires extensive domain knowledge and understanding of the underlying architecture of the systems being interfaced/integrated. We at Reliasys have the capability to deliver such solutions for Enterprise One. Depending on the applications being integrated we can provide Java/BSSV/SOAP or XML solutions for integration with Enterprise One.


JDEdwards Integrations (BSSV)

This is a ready solutions provided by JDEdwards for popular applications and most commonly used business processes such as Sales Order, Purchase Orders, Inventory Movements etc. As BSSV gathers momentum, we are positioning ourselves as a complete solutions provider for all BSSV based integrations. On the B2B part, we have been involved in setting up proof of concepts for projects involving transformations of EDI based systems to RosettaNet compliant XML exchanges.

































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