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Database Administration Experts

We support and maintain huge databases for a large number of companies. Our professionals have been supporting and setting up systems for 24x7 operations, for near Real Time systems and Very Large Databases (VLDB's). We provide value added services like schema designing, disaster recovery strategies, Performance Tuning and maintenance activities in such setups with an aim to maximize unplanned downtimes. Our in-depth knowledge on Networking and various operating systems gives our customers maximum value for their money.

Technical Support - We, at Reliasys, understand your support requirements and address this critical task in a very professional manner. Our support offering ranges from electronic support and on-site visits to 24-hour on-site support. We also provide customized support services.

Performance & Tuning - We conduct performance and tuning of applications in their design, development, implementation and maintenance stages. We also undertake consulting and training assignments to help you improve the quality of code and hence the application's throughput. We have expertise on all aspects of computer systems that dictate the performance of any application, namely Front-end technologies, Database Servers, Operating System, Network and Hardware.

DBA Services - We provide on site Database Administration services. Our DBA's study the entire setup and recommend the necessary changes. Their insight and proximity to the system gives them an added advantage in resolving the problem in the least possible time.

Data Replication - We implement data replication for both Distributed computing and Disaster Recovery using Sybase Replication Server and SQL Remote. The setups include replication across multi-vendor databases and the modes of replication include e-mail based, file based and real-time end-to-end replication.

Data Migration - We conduct data migration across various Databases and help in performing cross-vendor database porting. This is done, respecting the client's requirement for maximum uptime of their systems.




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