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Information sharing has assumed great importance and given rise to increased connectivity. Organizations are integrating their private networks with the World Wide Web. This seamless connectivity has given rise to security threats in the form of viruses and hackers. Are your networks secured?

We have expertise for all security products of Network Associates, Inc. which is the world's largest independent network security and management software company.

The range of Network Associates products includes:

McAfee Active Virus Defense: The most powerful software for preventing, detecting and recovering from virus infection.

Sniffer: The industry's numero uno network visibility & management solution for reducing network downtime.

Gauntlet Firewall: An active firewall that integrates multiple security products to provide a groundbreaking security solution.

Magic Total Service Desk: The worlds leading help desk solution and first browser based help desk with Microsoft Windows Distributed Internet Application (DNA) architecture.

Cybercop Scanner & Monitor: The network security assessment tool and host based intrusion detection system.

PGP: Easy to use, strong encryption and authentication services based on a widely accepted encryption technology known as public key cryptography.

McAfee Active Virus Defense:

A virus attack can severely affect your business unless it is detected and removed from your system quickly. Our network security team comprises of highly experienced people who possess the expertise to resolve your problems in the least possible time. We have successfully supported large corporate clients having big networks and presence in multiple locations.

Network Security Policy:

Organizations all over the world have lost billions of dollars in the recent past due to virus outbreaks and hacking attacks. Most of the organizations that have been victims of such attacks do not have a security policy in place. Our security consultants study your system setup and then design security policies at the perimeter, server and the desktop level. We also recommend the security products that meet your requirements and provide a comprehensive roadmap that ensures total safety of your network.

Network Audits:

Our security experts conduct network audits, which help in fine tuning the performance of your existing network. The network audit brings to notice vulnerabilities in the network, absence of security software in machines and the need to tighten security policies. Detailed reports are provided to give a clear picture of the existing network and to make the necessary modifications.













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