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Reliasys has been at the forefront in providing complete end-to-end solutions covering various platforms and spanning numerous technologies. With so many enterprise software applications being available in the market and with the recent mushrooming of CRM and eCRM packages, providing integrated solutions (EAI) pose new challenges. Reliasys has developed the expertise required to develop such solutions in a fast and cost effective manner. Be it through use of a third party middleware product such as webMethods or through custom programming, Reliasys has the ability to use the most modern tools and methods to achieve the desired results.

Reliasys has in the past used a number of Integration frameworks to successfully integrate some of the most functionally and technically varying systems. Most of these integration frameworks have support for achieving a certain type of integration. Reliasys has the knowledge and experience to help you chose the right framework for your enterprise integration solutions. Having worked with software provided by the leading vendors in this field, Reliasys consultants could pinpoint the right approach to identify the best solution to meet the customer's business needs.

With so much business being conducted over the internet, Business to Business (B2B) solutions are the need of the hour. WebMethods B2B provides an excellent framework for enabling such solutions. Reliasys has developed core expertise in this area as well. Reliasys consultants are familiar with all the methodologies used in developing such solutions.


webMethods, Inc. is the leading provider of software solutions for business-to-business integration (B2Bi). webMethods allows you to link internal systems with those of your key customers and suppliers, or to create a B2B marketplace to connect buyers and sellers.

webMethods Enterprise

The webMethods Enterprise toolset consisting of tools such as the Visual Integrator, the Business Integrator and numerous application adapters provide a robust mechanism for building integrations between various applications within the enterprise. Our domain expertise coupled with our knowledge of the above toolsets makes us the best choice for assisting you with the integrations you build.

webMethods B2B

webMethods B2B is a powerful, cross-platform integration solution which allows companies and trading exchanges to seamlessly connect to form realtime trading networks. With tools such as the B2B Integrator and the B2B server, webMethods can fully automate real-time, bidirectional exchange between disparate applications. Being familiar with the various methodologies, we can help you rapidly setup complete integrations compliant with industry standards such as Rosettanet, OAG, cXML etc.












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