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ReliaOps for J.D. Edwards:

Enterprise applications seldom run unattended. Monitoring and maintaining enterprise applications on a regular basis ensures reliable operations and avoids future disasters. ReliaOps for J.D. Edwards does just that and much more. This plan covers daily monitoring of system resources and scheduled system maintenance. Monitoring the system resources enables the experts to raise alarms to prevent future costly failures and unwarranted losses and disruptions to the business. Scheduled system maintenance keeps the system updated with the latest services packs, ASUs and ESUs avoiding harmful program errors and data disruptions.

ReliaDesk for J.D. Edwards:

Identifying an enterprise system problem is seldom easy and requires an experienced expert. Diagnosing and isolating the problem requires even more expertise and experience with the enterprise system. ReliaDesk for J.D. Edwards does just that and much more. This plan covers all help desk level support activity for the enterprise applications including diagnosis, issue resolution, identification and application of ESUs or paper fixes and much more.

ReliaForms for J.D. Edwards:

  • Reliasys proprietary standardized forms to gather and document information about enterprise systems including system installation level details, server information, environment and path details, client workstation details, user profile details, security profile details, INI file details, CNC Configuration details, various log file location details, remote connectivity details, client staff contact details, etc.
  • Useful documentation tool provided free to clients of ReliaOps for J.D. Edwards

ReliaLogs for J.D. Edwards:

  • Reliasys proprietary standardized reporting tool based on various logs including system logs and issue logs
  • Useful reports at various intervals and various detail levels for management and client staff provided free to clients of ReliaOps for J.D. Edwards

ReliaStart for J.D. Edwards:

The operations outsourcing contract is signed, the sales people are gone, the management is happy, but the end-users who actually work on the system may have some lingering questions. ReliaStart for J.D. Edwards is the answer to those questions. It puts a face to the plan in form of a Reliasys assigned Managing Expert and Operations Expert. The Operations Expert gathers all of the required ReliaForms information for the operations outsourcing in addition to setting up and verifying the remote connectivity with the Reliasys Data Center. Meanwhile, the Managing Expert explains the support process to the client staff and walks them through the various reports generated by ReliaLogs. The Operations Expert is responsible for the day-to-day support activities for the client and may engage the necessary Operations Specialist to carry out the support activities. The Operations Expert from time to time may seek assistance from the Managing Expert to resolve critical issues. The Managing Expert supervises the Operations Expert and the support activities for the client and bears the ultimate responsibility.

ReliaHours for J.D. Edwards:

  • Pre-paid hours at a discounted rate for activities not covered under operations outsourcing including data fixes, program bug fixes, custom program fixes, etc.
  • Available only to clients with a valid ReliaOps for J.D. Edwards plan

ReliaVisit for J.D. Edwards:

  • Pre-paid visits at a discounted rate for operations support activities including data fixes, program bug fixes, custom program fixes, etc.
  • Must be scheduled six days in advance
  • Each visit is equivalent to 10 hours (maximum) and can be scheduled only during regular work hours
    (M-F, 8-6)
  • Travel expenses may be incurred depending on the client location

ReliaNews for J.D. Edwards:

  • A periodic newsletter is provided free to all Reliasys clients highlighting ways to improve the enterprise system's performance and sharing other related information





















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